Infection and Inflammation


The Monash Partners Infection and Inflammation Theme is a diverse and exciting Theme dedicated to clinical care and research aimed at improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of infections and inflammatory diseases.

Our Theme harnesses the knowledge and expertise of health professionals and researchers across multiple Monash Partner sites, and across the full continuum of research from basic science through to implementation and health services research. 

The Theme is made up of leaders in research and treatment of many diverse and often dangerous conditions, and leverages strengths across multiple partner sites into strategic subthemes and cross-cutting disciplines. These sub-themes include areas where active clinical, translational and basic research is taking place.

The Theme’s cross-cutting ‘Platforms’ include:

  1. Biostatistics and Bioinfomatics
  2. Healthcare Data and Biobanking
  3. Genomics and the Microbiome
  4. Cost-effectiveness

Our Priorities

The priorities of our Theme are to:

  • Leverage common strengths across Monash Partner sites to improve the quality and impact of health research
  • Facilitate research across the full continuum to address fundamental biological questions, understand how disease occurs, and develop more effective and targeted strategies for the prevention and treatment of the most important infectious and inflammatory diseases
  • Foster close partnerships between healthcare practitioners and researchers to enable rapid translation of research into measurable health outcomes
  • Efficiently use healthcare and research resources for maximal gain in human health, and better engage with the communities that we serve.

Infection and Inflammation Theme Leaders

Our Theme is led by Professor Richard Kitching of Monash Health and Monash University, and Professor Anton Peleg of Alfred Health and Monash University.

Professor Richard Kitching

Professor Richard Kitching is a Nephrologist physician-scientist in the Monash Health Departments of Nephrology and Paediatric Nephrology and the Monash University Department of Medicine. He is also the director of the Monash Centre for Inflammatory Diseases. He heads a group working in defining how the immune system injures the kidney.

Professor Anton Peleg

Professor Anton Peleg is Professor of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at The Alfred Hospital and Monash University, and NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. He is also a research group leader in the Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Department of Microbiology, Monash University.

Our Steering Committee

Alongside the Theme leaders is a well-respected team of committed infection and inflammation specialists who share their vision and passion. Members of the Steering Committee include:

Professor Paul Hertzog
Dr Peter Kelley
Professor Dena Lyras
Professor Eric Morand
Dr Trisha Peel

Associate Professor Mark Stoové
Dr Rhonda Stuart
Professor David Tarlinton
Associate Professor Glen Westall 

Helpful Resources

The Victorian Infection and Immunity Network (VIIN) commenced as a Monash-led initiative in 2009. Membership of VIIN is free and open to all researchers, clinicians, students and industry representatives with an interest in solving problems in infectious diseases and immunology.  The VIIN hosts a searchable, self-editable database of research and clinical expertise online.

To become a member, establish your own profile or find a collaborator within Monash Partners or Victoria, visit the VIIN website.

The VIIN hosts the annual Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference; VIIN Young Investigator Symposium and Careers Evening.